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An Inventory is an essential piece of documentation. The inventory of content, fixture, fittings and schedule of condition is there  to avoid any disputes at the end of the tenancy. 

If you cannot prove what condition the property was in at the start of the tenancy - you have to pay all deposit back, regardless of damage caused during the tenancy - without an inventory, you have no proof of what state your property was in. 

The more detailed an inventory is, backed up with embedded, dated photographic evidence, the easier and faster the deposit procedure is for all involved, avoiding any dispute.

With our  clear and comprehensive inventory report, there is little room for dispute what condition the property was in at the start of the tenancy. The tenant is emailed a copy of the inventory to sign electronically and even make comments without a paper being printed -all  within 7 days.  SAMPLE INVENTORY

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At check-in, we meet the tenant/s, go through the inventory pointing out our findings, test alarms and check the meter readings together. When we have agreed the condition of the property, as stated on the inventory, advised on dos and don'ts during the tenancy, the tenant sign the inventory and the the keys are handed over. The agent/Landlord and tenant/s will then be emailed a copy of the signed report. 

We do make clear that even after signing, the tenant/s have up to 7 days to make amendment to the inventory of things that might have been missed. However, as there are so many photos in the report - no new damage that might be caused during these initial 7 days, will be able to be added. 


Our Check-out reports display all items side by side, to clearly show the property before (Inventory)  and after (Check-out). Where there is no change, the report will say so. We give advice on who is to pay, what is fair wear and tear, and what is not. We work according to AIIC and ARLA's recommendations about tenant's and landlord's rights and obligations.

We are constantly updating our knowledge bank with new legislation.

We have extensive training in deposit returns, fair wear and tear, tenant's and Landlord's obligations during a tenancy,  and are happy to give advice about deposit returns, a process all parties want to sort out as quickly and smoothly as possible.

There are many "deposit dead lines" to be aware of at the end of a tenancy, so the quicker the better - we are here to help. 


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